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The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Communication

February 20th, 2010

Photo by Kurt Wagner

Photo by Kurt Wagner

I’ve mentioned a few times that twitter has become an extremely useful tool for attendees of academic conferences. The service helps connect people, publicize ideas that emerge in panels, and extend conference conversations beyond the time and space limitations of the event itself.

Digital Humanities scholar Amanda French discussed the increasing speed of academic discourse in her post Make “10″ louder, or, the amplification of scholarly communication, which she published on the heels of the 2009 MLA. I think you’ll find both the statistics she compiled and her analysis of them provocative.

One of the reasons I bring conference-twittering up is that there are a few major Digital Humanities Conferences going on this weekend that may be of interest to members of this class. Some of them are already linked in the sidebar events listing. I’ll link below to both the conference website and to the twitter hashtag. If the subject of the conference interests you, you might take a look through the conference tweetstream to get a sense of what people were discussing at various panels:

The Past’s Digital Presence: Database, Archive, and Knowledge Work in the Humanities (Yale)
website | twitterstream

Digital Media and Learning Conference: Diversifying Participation (UCSD)
website | twitterstream

Also of interest might be the archived audio and video from a recent presentation at NYU by Columbia prof. Eben Moglen. Moglen spoke on the topic of “Freedom In The Cloud”; we might want to talk about this when we do our session on storage and cloud computing.

All of these links point to the changing landscape of scholarly communication. And on that note, the twitter archive of Mark’s DH 2010 — the first fake Digital Humanities Conference — might be of interest, as well.

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