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March 15th, 2010 by John Wigglesworth Leave a reply »

This video comes from Comedy 23/6, which is a part of the Huffington Post.  Watching the Presidential debates in 2008, you may have gotten the sense that you were hearing the same lines over and over again.  This is to be expected to some degree: each candidate has talking points, perfectly pitched to be the most effective.  But heard over and over again, these lines lose their sincerity.

This video shows that your feelings of deja vu were justified.  While each debate is supposed to focus on different issues, the candidates made the same points, over and over, in exactly the same way.  This video certainly drives home the point that each debate was no different from the others, a point that could not be made (at least not so well) by watching each debate separately.

The feeling of deja vu is not the only feeling this video evokes.  You get the sense that the candidates are simply feeding you lines to convince you of their points.  But once you see (as the video shows) that they are just lines, repeated over and over, you cannot help but to question the integrity of the candidates.


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  1. Kasey Powers says:

    I enjoyed this video. I agree it does drive home the point that every word is crafted. And we can see this in a more potent way than comparing written transcripts.

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