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I was not familiar with the mash-up concept until doing the readings for this week and after browsing for a while Youtube I choose this video because of its political message. The strength of the video is derived from the combination of all its parts, which when pulled together as a group comment on each other and give new meaning/significance to the original music/images. As Lessig describes in his defense of this type of sampling: ” Their meaning comes not from the content of what they say; it comes from the reference, which is only expressible only if its the original that gets used. Images or sounds collected from real -world examples become “paint on a palette.” ” (74) In this case the real footage of the Katrina devastation along with images of Bush in which he appears smiley and removed from reality, flying high in his plane, are reinforced by the Hip-Hop song which is extremely critical of his actions in a very direct fashion. Given that the Hip-Hop song is an original one, although it does have sampling within it, I am not sure if the song is indeed a Mash-Up like the work by Girl Talk would be. The song along would make a political statement but when  paired with the images, it also speaks to and is critical of, the ways in which the media portrays minorities and contribute to reinforce racist stereotypes. The target of the political criticism in the video incorporates both Bush and the media simultaneously by combining all the different elements into one stream.


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  1. Steve Brier says:

    Definitely a mash up since it uses the Ray Charles refrain repeatedly (and modifies it) from his great 1954 song, “I’ve Got a Woman”.

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