Shining Remix

March 14th, 2010 by Kasey Powers Leave a reply »

This is one of my favorite remixes, taking “The Shining” and creating a trailer that makes the film look like a family film.  This was created by a New York editor, Robert Ryang, for a contest held by the Association of Independent Creative Editors.

From a cultural perspective, trailers like this one and remixes like Hitler’s Downfall, allow things to be re-seen.  And it makes it easier to look at something with a fresh perspective once that window of possibilities has been opened.

From a commercial perspective this points to the fact that we are often at the mercy of the advertisers or PR people on what our first impressions are.  Because it is so easy to change the meaning by re-editing, and adding music, voice over, or text.  This trailer is meant as a spoof, but here two cases where a misleading trailer was the one used to market the film.  When “Miracle on 4th Street” was first released, it was in July, so the trailer makes it seem the film is a romance removing all traces of Santa.  In 2007 with the release of “Bridge to Terabithia” the trailers made the movie appear to be a fantastical action adventure quest, and while that is part of it, the movie is really a coming of age story of two best friends.  Imagine what would have happened if this Shining trailer had been released to the public as the real thing.


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