Thriller Remix by The Floozies

March 12th, 2010 by Aaron Kendall Leave a reply »

Mark and Matt Hill, brothers from Lawrence, KS, make up the duo known as “The Floozies”.  Both are skilled musicians who have spent the last few years recording and performing unique remixes, incorporating a variety of music genres.  In this video, Matt is performing a remix of Michael Jackson’s 1982 hit song Thriller.  The entire performance and recording were done by Matt alone.  Four locked off cameras are recording different angles of his performance.  This video not only presents a unique re-creation of a popular song almost twenty years later, but also demonstrates the technological capabilities that make such a recording possible.  One can see from this example, at least one of the points that Lessig was trying to make in Remix, that being the value of the amateur musician that John Philip Sousa was, at least partially, trying to protect in 1906 (23).  Here we see a creative artist, affordable technology, and open distribution, coalescing to make a contribution to popular culture.


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